Eloy Crespo Jr.

Eloy Crespo Jr., a licensed and bonded Public Insurance Adjuster is a Consumer / Citizens insurance Advocate in Florida. In 2003, he became a state licensed and bonded public adjuster. Since then he has been representing Floridians for property damage involving both residential and commercial losses. His assistance in representing the insured’s interest has given him the reputation and merit he deserves. As part of the claims process he has also successfully represented insured’s as an Appraiser and Umpire. Besides the more common covered perils, Eloy has adjusted claims for all hurricane losses since 2004. As such he has had to work closely with many different types of insurance companies and policies in efforts of negotiating a fair settlement.

Prior to 2003, Eloy was involved in Architecture, Engineering and Construction management. He was involved in permitting procedure requirements. As per engineering design, he used among many, the SFBC, ASHRAE, NFPA and DCPS design criteria. He supervised the on-site construction process using the approved As-Built drawing construction documents. During his time operating as a glazing contractor, his responsibilities involved Project Design, Product Approval and Project Management. Amongst those responsibilities were; supervising system installation, scheduling material and labor force requirement, system testing and enforced-monitored quality control.

HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, Inc. is a licensed and bonded adjusting company, working for you the policyholder’s best interest. We at HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters strive to adjust and maximize your insurance claim so that you receive the highest possible settlement provided by your insurance policy coverage to adequately repair the damages sustained to your property or business.

Our company personnel have over 30 years of experience on all three (3) different capacities of the adjusting business; as a Professional Staff/Employee Insurance Company Adjuster, as an Independent Adjuster, and as a Public Insurance Adjuster. We are also certified as Insurance Appraiser and Insurance Umpire.We know the ins and outs of the claim process in the insurance industry.



Do you think your insurance policy is written in English? You know the answer, it is written in Insurance language.
Do you think they want you to know what is covered? You know the answer to that too.

As with all of our claims, we strive for excellence and satisfaction through professional and ethical performance, which has earned us the reputation in the industry. HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters continues to abide by these ethical statues and individual principles along with knowledge and competency in the field to provide you, the policyholder, with peace of mind through such difficult times.

We have the insurance knowledge(we speak “insurance”),we have many skills and expertise such as; construction, engineering design,project management, glazing contractor, knowledge, estimation of damage, Insurance Appraisals, Insurance Umpire, understand and decipher the insurance policies; we are up-to-date of current insurance laws and building codes. We have trained professionals, a bilingual staff, and a working affiliation with engineers, architects, general contractors, remediation and restoration companies, environmentalists, attorneys, and other industry expert professionals. Most importantly, remember, knowing the ins and outs of the claim processnot only does it makes your claim process “STRESS FREE” but we reach a better settlement for you. We claim and defend what is rightfully yours!

Our clients experience professionalism from HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters and will tell you that we adjust their claim reaching a fair and stress free settlement. They experienced tranquility and peace of mind, where they felt secured at all times by our representation. Our clients invested their time in their respective work and off time on their personal chores, and the fee they paid us, they said paid for itself.