Help Stop Contractors Who Act as Public Adjusters

Has a Contractor, Roofer, Plumber or Restoration Company Offered To Handle Your Insurance Claim? Or someone acts as a Licensed Public Adjuster?

Only licensed public insurance adjusters and attorneys are permitted to solicit to represent policy holders in the claim process. Navigating an insurance claim is such a foreign experience for many homeowners and business owners, insureds are often victims who unknowingly trust people who say they can help when they are not trained or licensed to do so. In most states, the licensure of a public insurance adjuster can be found on the department of insurance’s website. Florida public adjuster’s licenses can be checked here: Licensee Search

Unfortunately it is far too common to find contractors, roofers, restoration companies, plumbers and even insurance company adjusters often referred to as “independent” adjusters who are holding themselves out to “help” policyholders through the claims process. Independent adjusters (IA’s) are licensed to work on behalf of insurance companies and represent their interests -not yours. In fact, it is considered a conflict of interest and, as such, is forbidden in the Florida Administrative Code for a person licensed as an IA to adjust a loss on behalf of a policyholder.

The investigators at the Department of Financial Services (DFS) process and prosecute cases of the Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA) whenever they are reported. The Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters works with the DFS to investigate and report confirmed cases of UPPA.

If you believe you have come across a case of UPPA, you can report them at Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) www.FAPIA.NET or email: or 866-235-6489. or 866-235-6489. Our UPPA Committee will investigate the report and forward it to the appropriate department within the Florida Department of Financial Services to make sure it receives immediate attention.

Help Stop Unlicensed Public Adjuster – It Only Hurts Consumers!