Statute 626.854 – “Public insurance adjuster” A licensed and Bonded Public Insurance Adjuster is a professional who, for money, commission, or any other thing of value, prepares, completes, or files an insurance claim form for an insured or third party claimant or who acts or aids in any manner on behalf of an insured or third party claimant in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a claim(s) for loss or damage covered by an insurance contract.

In other words:

A Public Insurance Adjuster is a professional hired / retained by a third party claimant or the policyholder; we represent only the party who hired us to file an insurance claim for damage(s) to their property. For example, whether the property is a Residential single family home or a one to four unit building, a Commercial Building, an Industrial Building, a Business Loss, a Warehouse, an Office Building, a Condominium Office, a Condominium Residential, Condominium Unit, a Retail Business entity, a Shopping Centers, anything insured…

Public insurance adjuster competency:

  • As licensed Public Insurance Adjusters we are professionals competent in insurance law, insurance policy, and construction, building code, mitigation protocols, remediation protocols, negotiation skills, investigation skills, certified insurance Appraiser, certified insurance Umpire, certified insurance instructor and more…
  • We have worked in insurance claims since 1979; we worked in all three capacities of Adjusting. As a Staff/Employee Adjuster, as an Independent Adjuster and now as a Public Insurance Adjuster.
  • We know the “How”, the “When” and the “What” to get the best results.

As a Public Insurance Adjuster, we represent “You” the third party claimant or policyholder (the homeowner or the business owner). The Public Insurance Adjuster works in the best interest for you, unlike the Staff or Independent insurance adjuster sent by the insurer to inspect and investigate your loss who works only for the insurer’s interest.

We are unbiased in interpreting the insurance contract. We will discuss and inform “You” our client of your insurance contractual rights in your insurance policy. We will assist you the policyholder in following the policy conditions such as: the duties after a loss, we will document your damage, estimate your damages, comply with other provisions in the policy, work hand in hand with the Insurance Company’s adjuster on your behalf, and negotiate with them effecting a more favorable loss settlement for you.

As a Public Insurance Adjuster, we work on a contingency fee basis, usually a small percentage of the settlement amount. Our services are FREE until we receive the claim settlement payment from the insurance company. Our services are provided at no cost, if there is no recovery from the insurance company. The fee usually does not affect your net claim settlement because with our experience and expertise we can negotiate your claim to the fullest extent of policy coverage and limits, maximizing a more favorable recovery as stated in the OPPAGA Report See “OPPAGA Report” – Unlike if you would file the claim yourself.

We recommend getting us involved as soon as you notice damage to your property and prior to filing the insurance claim. It is always best to hire us “HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters” and get us involved as early in the claim process as possible. Why?

  1. We know the “how”, the “when”, and the “what” to obtain the best results. We speak the insurance language; we have the skills, experience, knowledge, competency and expertise of adjusting insurance claims.
  2. “Duties after a loss” We guide you through your responsibilities after a loss occurs as outlined in your policy.
  3. We first identify the damage(s) to be a covered peril.
  4. We identify the extent of the damage(s).
  5. We inspect and document the damage(s) before anyone can erase the evidence. Many times, evidence is inadvertently erased prior to the insurer’s adjuster inspection of the property. If so, the claim could be prejudiced and denied.
  6. We assist you in mitigating your damages caused by fire, water or mold or other perils with industry professionals.
  7. We follow industry remediation Protocols such as: fire, water, flood, mold remediation and restoration protocols- even other hazard Protocols.
  8. We go over the insurance policy with you and explain the process of the claim. We want you to know what to expect from us and from your insurer.
  9. We compare and confirm the insurance coverage complies with the property damage.
  10. We speak the same language (“Insurance”) as the insurance Companies.
  11. We assist you in following pre and post insurance policy conditions. If the duties after a loss; are not followed the claim could be denied.
  12. We document your building damage and content damage as well as any other coverage’s you may be entitled to from the peril and extent of the damages.
  13. Filing your insurance claim with the insurance company
  14. Preparation and packaging of your insurance claim file.
  15. Make all appointments with the insurance company Adjuster.
  16. Meet with the insurance company Adjuster at your property.
  17. Follow up with telephone calls, facsimile, letters, documents and keep records that support your claim. Claims can be intricate, lengthy and sometimes complex.
  18. We take you step-by-step through the entire claim process until we reach a settlement.
  19. Sometimes the insurer submits you to a recorded statement and/or an Examination under Oath or both. We assist you with this process.
  20. Assist you to provide the insurer with the sworn Proof of Loss. Remember you have to proof your loss to the insurance company.
  21. If required, aid you in obtaining industry expert professionals, such as engineers, environmentalists, General Contractors, etc., to assist in the settlement of your claim.
  22. Provide the insurance company, if necessary, with expert testimony by our hired professionals to prove and expedite your claim.
  23. If we disagree with your insurer’s settlement amount, we have other provisions to follow before we can file suit, such as Mediation and/or Appraisal.
  24. We assist with the Mediation process and the Appraisal process. They are both two different and separate processes.
  25. We are insurance certified Appraiser’s and Umpire’s. We know the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.
  26. We know the Condominium Statute that pertains to your loss

Only you can determine if engaging a Public Insurance Adjuster is to your benefit. Insurance company claim adjusters or their agents should not discourage or intimidate you from engaging a Public Insurance Adjuster. Nevertheless, if they do attempt to discourage or intimidate you from engaging a licensed public insurance adjuster such as HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, it should raise a red flag- this illustrates their intent to adjust the claim without a professional representing your interest. In that case, please give us call we would be glad to discuss this issue with you and your agent. Everyone has the constitutional right to representation. HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, protects your best interest and not the interest of the insurance company. Our clients experienced professionalism from HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters and will tell you that we adjusted their claim reaching a fair and stress free settlement. They experienced tranquility and peace of mind, where they felt secured at all times by our representation. Our clients invested their time in their respective work and off time on their personal chores, and the fee they paid us, they said paid for itself.

There are 3 different types of insurance adjuster’s positions:

  1. Staff/Company Adjuster: works for only one insurance company as a salary employee.
  2. Independent Adjuster: hired by many insurance companies as a sub-contractor and is paid by them.
  3. Public insurance adjuster: works only for you; A Public Insurance Adjuster is a professional hired / retained by the policyholder representing only the policyholder’s best interest when filing an insurance claim for damage(s) to their property on their behalf.

Oscar Mormeneo, of HomeOwner Claims Public insurance adjusters, Inc., has worked in all three capacities of insurance claims since 1979 for both sides.