Oscar Mormeneo
Oscar Mormeneo Founder of HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, Inc. is a Licensed and Bonded Public Insurance Adjuster


Are you filing an insurance property claim? Looking for information on how to file a claim or searching for a competent professional? We can provide you with knowledgeable information and competent professionals. As Advocates for consumers / citizens we protect your interest. We have protected the consumers / citizens interest with their insurance claims since 1979.

Filing an insurance claim is not as simple as it should be. I say those days are gone just like the song “Those were the days my friend”. Thinking of filing your claim yourself, you think the insurance adjuster works for you. “Think twice”. Like any situation is always best to seek professional assistance early in the claim process. As an Adjuster that has adjusted insurance claims in all three (3) different adjuster capacities, I highly recommend calling us first and as soon as you notice damage to your property. Policyholders should beware what they say to the insurance company because it may have a negative impact to their claim. Many times policyholders assume events instead of accurately stating the facts and the chain of events. Documenting the entire claim from the very onset of the property damage is paramount to the success of the claim. “Duties after a loss” is an important provision in the insurance policy as many other provisions that must be followed by the policyholder. One of the duties after a loss is to protect your property from further loss. This can be accomplished by doing temporary repairs to the property; however, other factors play as well while doing the temporary repairs. Mitigating the damages is another duty a policyholder must do; they also have to remediate the damage. Most important the evidence of the damage must be preserved. This is just one area of concern. There are many intricacies in filing and adjusting a property insurance claim. Hiring HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters may be your answer to a stress free and profitable claims handling.

HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, Inc. for many years representing policyholders earns their reputation adjusting the claims to their commercial and residential properties. We have represented our policyholders in many perils, such as fire & smoke, lightning, electrical, power surges/spikes, water losses, broken waste pipes, flood, hurricane & wind losses, appliances water leaks, roof leaks, loss by collapse, mold, bacteria, explosion, theft, vandalism & malicious mischief, back up & overflow, explosion, hail damage, fallen objects, damage by vehicle, riot & civil commotion, business interruption, business expense, plumbing damage, personal contents, aircraft, sink hole, air conditioning leaks, and more……….

Only you can determine if engaging a Public Insurance Adjuster is to your benefit. Insurance company claim adjusters or their agents should not discourage or intimidate you from engaging a Public Insurance Adjuster. Nevertheless, if they do attempt to discourage or intimidate you from engaging a licensed public insurance adjuster such as HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, it should raise a red flag– this illustrates their intent to adjust the claim without a professional representing your interest. In that case, please call us, we would be glad to discuss this issue with you and your agent. Everyone has the constitutional right to representation.

HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters protects your best interest and not the interest of the insurance company. Our clients experienced professionalism from HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters and will tell you that we adjusted their claim reaching a fair and stress free settlement. They experienced tranquility and peace of mind, where they felt secured at all times by our representation. Our clients invested their time in their respective work and off time on their personal chores, and the fee they paid us, they said paid for itself.