Property Damage & Claim Assessment

Filing a claim is not as simple as you may think! You must be prepared to answer many questions that may be asked. You have to be sure that the policy conditions are followed. Your insurance policy has certain language that will limit or exclude your claim unless you act right away. Critical decisions must be made to protect your biggest investment, your family, home, personal property, and business.

If you need guidance regarding how to file your claim or proceed with an on-going claim, we provide consulting services on an hourly basis to assist you with your questions.We can make an appointment to meet with you to evaluate your property damages and insurance loss, assist you in following policy conditions and settlement strategies.

To hire us for consulting services, give us a call, send us an email or fill out our Contact Form.


Below are a few items that we need from you to conduct a proper evaluation

  • Have a list of the known damages ready for us
  • Make available your homeowner insurance policy that corresponds to the loss
  • Make available any receipts for temporary or emergency repairs
  • Make available all receipts for permanent repairs
  • Make available a list and all documentation from prior insurance claims (all claims)