38 Reasons To Hire A Public Adjuster

A Public Adjuster is hired/retained and represents only the policyholder; such as homeowner, property owner, or business owner in filing an insurance claim on their behalf, we work on a contingency fee basis and are usually paid based on a small percentage of the settlement amount, our services are Free until we receive the claim settlement payment from the insurance company. Our services provided at no cost, if there is no recovery from the insurance company.

Why you can benefit by engaging HomeOwner Claims Public Adjusters, Inc.?

  1. We have the skills, experience, knowledge and competency (expertise) of adjusting insurance claims
  2. We know the proper language to communicate with the insurance company
  3. We know the ins and outs of the claim process
  4. We attain a faster resolution of your claim
  5. We know how to document your loss, we photograph the damages, take inventory, itemize all property and content damage
  6. We know the intricacies of filing an insurance claim, its tedious, stressful, much time consuming, the complexities involved, the strategies used by the insurers does not make filing a claim simple
  7. We speak the same insurance language as the insurance companies
  8. We know how to decipher, interpret, understand and how to apply your insurance policy to your claim
  9. We know what damages triggers coverage in your policy
  10. We know your time is valuable and should be used for your work, family and personal time
  11. We have the time to deal with the demands of the insurance company
  12. We know the Florida Statute that pertains to your insurance claim
  13. We know the perils you are insured against
  14. We know how to guide you to follow the “duties after a loss”
  15. We know the provisions of the policy; they are time sensitive, we take you step by step through them
  16. We know construction, the building code and when the building code applies to your claim
  17. We know the extent of the damage sustained to your home or business
  18. We know your damages and how they apply to each coverage and limit in your policy
  19. We know the protocols to follow when there is a Fire, Water and Mold/Fungi claim; we make sure to apply proper protocols to your damages to keep your property free from any contaminants.
  20. We know how to write the estimate of damages to mitigate, to remediate your damages and restore your property
  21. We know there are different methods to repair damaged property, but we know the right way to restore yours
  22. We know how to protect your property and make sure a fair settlement is obtain to make proper repairs.
  23. The insurance carrier is offering a quick payoff. Insurance company research shows that the quicker a policyholder gets paid-off the happier they are. Unfortunately, what appears to be great customer service can be sometimes be an attempt to get rid of a claim and get you to settle for less money due to the stress and desire to “get it over with?” Our only advice here is to take your time and make sure you are protected. You should not be rushed or forced to sign anything until you understand the true impact a claim can have
  24. We know how to and when to go to Mediation or Appraisal if necessary
  25. We know the Alternative Dispute Resolution
  26. We know when to and how to file the Proof of Loss- a time sensitive filing and very important filing in all claims
  27. We know how to re-open and dispute wrongful denials and under paid claims
  28. We know how to defend your settlement amount offered by your insurance company is insufficient compared with your repairs, coverage and limits.
  29. We know the law that applies to your claim
  30. We have the professional team to defend your claim
  31. We know how to protect your interest against the insurance company unfair claims practices
  32. We make all of the appointments with the insurance adjuster, we attend to all appointments
  33. We negotiate with the insurance adjuster, we dispute unfair settlements, we strive to attain the best and fair settlement for you
  34. We are members of FAPIA Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, members of Windstorm Insurance Network, and IAUA Insurance Appraiser Umpire Association
  35. We have the legal and professional resources to protect your interest in case is necessary
  36. We are insurance certified Appraisers and Umpire; to dispute any claim
  37. So, Why settle your insurance claim for less when you can settle your claim for more
  38. Best of all –We do all of the work and are paid when you are paid-You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…